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Steps to making Creek Pilates a safe place to breathe and move through 

Covid 19.


  1. The studio and equipment will be cleaned using a hospital grade cleaning product ( KOR-CHEM, lemon disinfectant 00501) before each client arrives at the studio.

  2. On arrival the client will be expected to either use the hand sanitizer in the entrance or wash their hands in the bathroom before their class starts.

  3. Shoes and jackets including purses to be left in the entrance.

  4. Please follow the clear floor markings to ensure a minimum 2 metre separation from the client and myself.

  5. There will be no hands-on contact with the client, therefore the client will be taught to navigate the equipment themselves. ( i.e. changing springs, hooking up straps etc.)

  6. Windows and doors will be left open as much as possible to ensure there is regular air flow in the studio. 

  7. I will be wearing a face shield, if clients wish to take additional measures, i.e. wear a face mask, they are welcome to.

  8. If the client is feeling unwell, please do not come to the studio, call and cancel session.

  9. Payment will be made via e-transfer or credit card. (No cash)


These steps will be in place for as long as the COVID 19 restrictions are in place. I believe with these steps we can have a meaningful session working the body through instruction.

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